Doing It Scared

One of my favourite TEd Talks is the Brené Brown presentation, Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count. In it Brown talks about fear and how if you choose to create, you should expect to get your ass kicked. But she says, the only criticism you should pay attention to when you attempt something big and terrifying is the advice from other people who have stuck their heads above the parapet and tried something equally big and terrifying.

I’m clinging to this advice as I release my first novel into the world. Friends and family have watched me work on project after project over the years. This is the first extended piece I’ve ever finished, and it’s romantic fiction, and I want to redact my mother’s copy so she can’t read the love scenes. I’m nervous as hell. But the way I see it, the point isn’t to be fearless, it’s to feel the fear and do it anyway. Do it scared.